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Wavelength is a free open access resource on lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer and intersex health for medical students and health professionals.

You can access a number of lectures, clinical scenarios and quizzes through our Go1 Portal, completely free of charge. Our mission is to improve the health and wellbeing of the LGBTIQ community by making education free and accessible.

Free LGBTIQ medical education for all medical students

& professional development for medical professionals

LGBTIQ medical education delivered in a way that suits you.


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In person training

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Wavelength’s team can travel to regional places and cities around Australia to deliver LGBTIQ medical education to your staff or students.

Wavelength’s values & mission

Making LGBTIQ medical education accessible

Our courses are freely available anytime, anywhere! We have a number of resources readily available through our learning system that covers the basic aspects of LGBTIQ health every health professional should know. Best of all, it’s free of charge!

Improving the experience of LBGTIQ patients and clients

LGBTIQ patients often report having to educate health professionals on their health needs and clinical care. By improving knowledge and clinical skills, we hope to get a step closer to achieving equality in healthcare.

Respecting diversity of cultures, experiences and sexualities

We understand the LGBTIQ is a broad and diverse community. Our resources aim to improve patient care by celebrating diversity within diversity!


Our LGBTIQ medical courses

You have free access to our four main courses: Terminology, Gender, Sexuality and Intersex. Besides from our Terminology course, each course includes a lecture explaining basic healthcare needs and a number of clinical scenarios modelling best practice. You’ll have access to quizzes and resources at the end of each course.


Not too sure what LGBTIQ stands for? Our short course on terminology breaks down the rainbow acronym and provides a solid foundation for understanding gender, sexuality and intersex.


The trans and gender diverse community has a broad range of unique health needs. Learn about inclusive practice, including discussing a patient’s pronouns, affirmation history, cultural diversity and sexual health. Lectures delivered by Dr Ruth McNair and Dr Gavi Ansara.


A patient’s sexuality has an impact beyond just their sexual health. Learn about discussing safer sex, mental health, HIV risk and alcohol and other drugs. Lectures delivered by Dr Ruth McNair.


In this brief course, we’ll introduce bodily diversity and de-stigmatising intersex variations. Lecture delivered by Dr Gavi Ansara.

In person learning

We can come to your offices or practice to facilitate learning

Looking for in-person workshops? You can book a session with our facilitators, who have years of clinical experience working with the LGBTIQ community and working in LGBTIQ medical education.

book a learning session at your place

Online webinars

Online facilitated learning through webinars

Wavelength runs webinars throughout the year aimed to improve the quality of education and update on the latest guidelines and evidence. Webinars are free to join for medical students.

Watch a short video from our courses

Unsure how to ask about a patient’s pronouns?

Check out this video from our course!

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